“Amy has worked wonders on my body. I am a professional skier, so my body has experienced a lot of trauma. I first started seeing her after a series of knee surgeries. She kept my body in line as I dealt with the issues of being on one leg and crutches for months. She helped me to a speedy recovery and got me back on snow a month earlier than expected. Whatever my bodywork needs were, Amy was there to help me and offer guidance. Many thanks for keeping me on the mountain and improving my body!”

—Matt Phillipi

“I had been suffering severe chronic leg pains for several months.  I was at wits end, after seeing chiropractors and top back doctors to no avail.  However, Amy was able to understand and treat the problem with her skillful massage techniques with amazing results! I highly recommend Amy both for treating problem as well as for preventing them from recurring.”

Deborah Eppstein, Tri-Athlete, CEO at Q Genetics, Co-Owner at Aerial Arts of Utah

“I appreciate your knowledge, attentiveness and patience. Your knowledge of anatomy and body work techniques required for relief.You listen well and always seem to understand what my body needs to be comfortable.

I would tell others the above and add that your structural integration work eases the constriction and discomfort caused by the imbalance in my spine.

The way my body feels has changed. What seemed a chromic tightness in my lower back has been relieved. The tightness can more easily be remedied with regular stretching now.”

Clare Gillmore