Deep Tissue Swedish


Revitalize, rest and relax.  Melt away tension and stress.  Restore balance, harmony and ease in everyday movements. Recover from soreness and fatigue. 60-90 min *

Thai Massage


Authentic Thai Massage from Thailand.  Massage includes deep stretching and compressions that are sure to bring relaxation. Please bring loose or stretchy comfortable clothing.  Massage is done on a padded, heated mat on the floor.
90 -120 min

Structural Bodywork


Deep tissue session designed to target the greatest area of stress in the body through a holistic perspective. Problematic areas of discomfort are released while focusing on full body alignment that will assist with everyday bodily movements, recovery from injury as well as enhance sports performance. Please bring viewing clothes.
90 min *

Structural Integration


Ten series of sessions designed to align and bring balance to the whole body.  Full body tune up over a ten week time period that will bring all systems into alignment with gravity allowing the muscles, bones and joints to move more efficiently. Find relief from chronic stress and strain in the joints and spine. Please bring viewing clothes.
90 min *

Craniosacral Therapy


This work has traditionally focused on the 22 bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, and also on the brain, the central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column. Results range from but are not limited to the release of physical, mental and psychological stress. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing.
45 or 60 min



In the convenience of your home! Offering Deep Tissue Swedish, Thai Massage or Structural Integration.
60 or 90 min *